2020 Camping Challenges

I know christmas has just passed and we entered into a new decade, but January seems to go on for what seems like ever.

With these dark nights and let’s be honest not a lot to do, why not plan your camping trips for the year.

We have come up some challenges for you to try in 2020 to hopefully getting you seeing more of our beautiful country, meet some other campers and try something new.

Why not share your progress in our Facebook Group.

So let’s have a look at the challenges.

1. Camp 20 nights under canvas
2. Camp at 20 different sites
3. 20 mile hike
4. Get someone to try camping for the first time
5. Coast Camping
6. Ask someone in the group for a camping site recommendation and book that site
7. Wild Camp
8. Return to your favourite camping site
9. Hike in a National Park
Introduction to Bushcraft
10. Camp in a forest
11. Camp in England
12. Camp in Scotland
13. Camp in Wales
14. Camp on an Island
15. Camp in Northern Ireland
16. Camp somewhere in Europe
17. Ask someone on a campsite there favourite campsite and book it
18. Invite your camping neighbour over for something to eat or drink and get chatting
19. Camp at a campsite that starts with the first letter of your first name
20. Visit 20 different towns / cities across the whole of the UK
21. Ask a campsite owner to list their favourite town / city (not where they currently live) and find a campsite near by
22. Camp in the snow (obviously this is weather dependent and does require you do it safely and with the correct equipment)
22. Have a campfire
23. Cook over a campfire
24. Sleep under a homemade shelter
25. Stay at a small campsite (10 pitches or less)
Woodland Survival and Bush Craft Course

Don’t forget to share your progress in the group as you tick off each challenge.

Keep an eye out as we might add more challenges through out the year.

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