The Big Camp Out – VE Day

After the success of our first big camp out, I have decided to run a second one. It will be taking place over the next Bank Holiday weekend.

I chose this time because bank holidays are usually a busy weekend for campers. Traditionally, the bank holiday is on a Monday, but to celebrate 75 years since VE Day (Victory in Europe), the bank holiday has been moved to Friday 8th May.

The Big camp out will be Friday 8th to Sunday 10th May – and will be a celebration of camping and of the VE Day Anniversary.

Please, as many of you kindly did last time, share your images on our twitter and Instagram pages.

We will have two fantastic quizzes, one on the Friday night and one on the Saturday night.

This time, however, it will just be on Twitter and Facebook.

Half the questions will be camping / Britain related. The other half will be on WW2 – so if you’re a competitive camper, it may be time to brush up on your history.

Like last time, this #BigCampOut is to raise more money for Our NHS Heroes. The donation page is still open, and you can see it here.

Whether you want to come for one, two or three nights, it’s absolutely your decision and again it doesn’t matter how small the donation; it all helps.

Whether that’s just a few pounds or as much as you can spare, every little really does help.

The donations will be going towards helping the NHS worker’s mental health after COVID-19 is all over.

The stress, pressure and fear they must be going through is unimaginable and some – if not all – will need help and support afterwards.

I really do hope you can all join us again for another great weekend.

Please use the hashtag #bigcampout on social media to try and connect with campers and highlight this great, fun event.

Hopefully we might get back camping soon, but in the meantime I will keep these virtual camps going – for me, for you and to help our NHS heroes. I’d be delighted if you’d join us.



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