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So today is my  33rd birthday, but that isn’t the big news i wanted to share.

This isn’t the greatest time in camping history. Not since I started this site back in 2009 did we have to actively discourage people from visiting campsites.

It’s not all bad, however. We have hosted a successful #BigCampOut, raising money for our NHS Heroes. (If you still want to contribute to this, you can – just click here!)

Now probably isn’t the time  that you would expect us to be thinking of expanding. The general business mindset is to cut back on expenditure, focus on key skills, etc.

Not me.

This is something I have wanted to do for a while but been putting off, and I’m actually pretty excited about it.

I have always wanted to list campsites from all across Europe and further afield but didn’t know how it would sit on a site called Camping Sites in Britain.

So, I thought about changing the name for a short time.

But I like the name and it has been with me since 2009 (longer than my kids have been alive) AND I know quite a number of visitors use the site because they trust it – and that’s something I’m very proud of.

So, I have decided I will expand to other countries, still using this domain name.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not – but if I don’t try I will never know, and it might tempt visitors to cast their camping destination goals a little wider.

Therefore, going forward, you might see campsites from all around the world listed on the site.

That isn’t to say any less focus will be put onto British campsites. In fact, you’ll probably see more than ever in the coming weeks and months as I try and highlight some  smaller sites that might get less coverage in order to try and help them survive.

We have all heard of the bigger sites and while these will still be struggling, it’s the smaller, family-run sites which will need the holiday makers to return to survive.

For now, it’s still important to stay safe, stay at home – but you can always take a look at planning a trip for when things get back to normal.

You may find a site that has everything you’re looking for in a destination that you’d never considered before!

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