Camping: Britons weigh in on bell tents’ pros and cons – ‘one room not a good thing’

CAMPING has become one of Britons’ favourite holiday options, and the summer trend is set to continue well past this year. Britons looking for camping gear may wonder about some of the prettiest tent options, the bell tent. But what are the pros and cons?

Camping Britons have been sharing tips online. With camping now one of the most popular holiday options, would-be campers looking to buy their first tents may be wondering what to buy.

Buying new camping equipment can be difficult.

There are many options out there and knowing what to invest in is a big decision.

Thankfully, camping Britons are sharing tips on social media and helping each other make informed decisions.

Facebook user Jo Lewis asked: “Can someone give me the pros and cons of a bell tent please? I think they look amazing and so roomy, so I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have them. Do you know things I don’t?”

Bell tents look fantastic and are often seen as glamping setups.

But there’s more to them than just looking cool.

Bell tents look fantastic and are often seen as glamping setups (Image: GETTY)

Camping Britons weighed in on the pros and cons of the set up.

Steve Rampton said: “Nothing wrong with a bell, sturdy in the wind, waterproof.

“If you want to pick a hole it’s that there are no big windows like you’d get in a frame or air tent.”

Stefan Cork wrote: “We had one 10 years and love it. Downsides are lack of privacy and they are not so warm as they are so big inside with a lot of air to heat. Also, if put away damp you need to put up again once home to properly dry.”

Stefan also mentioned: “They are dead easy to DIY waterproof, clean it with a jetwasher and then apply Fabsil. Every five to seven years approximately.”

So what stops every camper from buying a bell tent?

Tazzy Dee said: “I think the cost and weight of them put a lot of people off. Also, no sewn in groundsheet but if I had the money I would get one and with a log burner I would probably move in and live in one full time.”

Jo Evans was not a fan: “I don’t like them being one big room, me and my 14-year-old son like our privacy.”

Buying new camping equipment can be difficult (Image: GETTY)

Privacy was the main issue with bell tents for a lot of campers.

John-Henry Hardy said: “I like separate rooms and no pole in the middle. They’re ok but I prefer a teepee for open plan without the pole.”

Ela Ine wrote: “One room not a good thing that’s all.”

But it wasn’t the only issue with bells.

Nicole Petrucco wrote: “Cons – heavy, must always be dry, worry about theft. Pros can pitch by yourself.”

Jenny Poyser said: “One downside is they take up a lot of boot space.”

Laura Horrocks Lang said: “Overpriced. Go mouldy if not fully dried. Need respraying, difficult to erect. Easy torn, look filthy in no time. Heavy. Just worry about it living in the muddy rainy UK just not worth the hassle.”

Mike Richardson disagreed, however, and said: “Bell tents are very good, love ours, no condensation, bullet proof against rain, easy to put up the height is amazing (or emperor tent is three meters high). Fit a stove and enjoy home from home luxury. I don’t think they’re much bigger than other tents I’ve seen in a packed state.”

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