‘Nowhere to hide’: Campers share their most embarrassing stories – ‘rolled down the hill’

CAMPING has never been more popular, but the holiday option can be fraught with embarrassment and mishaps.

Many Britons are keen campers. However, a camping holiday is not without its mishaps and camping Britons have taken to social media to share their most embarrassing camping stories.

Camping may be a fantastic holiday option, but sometimes, things do not go according to plan.

On social media, Britons are sharing their embarrassing stories.

When Facebook user Gaz T Robbo asked his fellow campers to share their most embarrassing camping stories, Britons obliged.

Danielle Spencer said: “Tripping over someone’s tent ropes in the middle of the night with my hands in my pockets so I couldn’t stop the fall and face planting their tent and sliding down the side of it!

Camping Britons have taken to social media to share their most embarrassing camping stories (Image: GETTY)

“I wrenched my shoulder, they were all screaming thinking they were being attacked by a wild animal.

“We now take a bucket bog with us in case of future mishaps.”

Danielle was not the only one who had an embarrassing fall.

Rachel Ingham-Jones said: “Falling over in the tent late at night and screaming out from the shock, it was a quiet after 10.00 o’clock camp site! Got some very strange looks the morning after, so did my husband!”

Marianne Smith’s story is a bit more unusual.

She said: “My other half getting a mouse stuck in his trousers whilst packing the tent away!

“Whilst frantically running around he undid his jeans and whipped them down but his boxers came down too!

“Our kids and the family in the caravan next to us eating breakfast were mortified.”

On social media, Britons are sharing their embarrassing stories (Image: GETTY)

Of course, many camping Britons also had toilets mishaps.

Michelle Reynolds said: “Getting up in the middle of the night for a wee. It was raining and very dark so I thought I could get away with going at the back of the tent, til someone had an equally weak bladder and had a head torch.

“They switched it on whilst I was mid flow and went to the actual loo.

“That was me wide awake all night with the fear of seeing them for the rest of the holidays.”

Steven Round encountered some very strange toilets in France.

He said: “French campsite, using the site shower/toilet block – wife went through Ladies door, I went through Gents and we both arrived together in a very open plan unisex facilities! Nowhere to hide, even the urinals were on open display!”

Sometimes, it’s the kids who provide the entertainment.

Amanda Millard said: “Needing a number two and sneaking off to the toilets with my VI Poo. I stupidly told my daughters and as I was walking back to the tent, my youngest shouted across the campsite, ‘Did you have a good poo mum?’”

Sarah Hunter’s husband gave a weeing lady quite a shock: “My husband went over to a tent wild camping locally. No one in sight until he spotted a shocked lady squatting having a wee by the edge of a hill.

“Shocked, she fell and rolled down the hill.

“Her mate was laughing at her and my husband didn’t know whether to run away or help.”

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