Reviews of the Peak District

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At the time of writing the Peak District has over well over 25,000 reviews and mostly positive. It’s got a score on Google of 4.8.

However some of the 1 and 2 star reviews are just pure comedy. Here are some of the best ones that people have left on the Peak District.

Just not quite getting the Peaks

The Peak district is really a series of hills in the Derbyshire. I’ve been there many times, its where I’ve done many walk, winter walks and trial running.

It’s a great place to explore, but some people don’t quite understand what the Peak District is all about.

Ivan obviously doesn’t like the trees, and there are some wonderful woods and forest in the Peak District, but it’s not a place full of trees. He isn’t the only one, Mr Booth complained about too many trees and fields.

I won’t try and say the person’s name, but 1 star asking “where i the peak?” – there are several, Kinder Scout is one of my favourites, Jacob Ladder as well, there are many peaks – they aren’t particularly high or challenging to ascend, but that doesn’t take away the beauty of them.


Too many trees review
where is the peak

Tom thinks there are “too many hills” where as Fabtop thinks it’s just only grass.

Yes, there is quite a few hills and mainly covered in sheep, and that is exactly Shaun is complaining about.

Kerry complained about the “smell” but that could be all the sheep poo.

smells review

The Weather

The weather is something us Brits like to talk about, complain about and mention at every opportunity. But it’s one thing we can’t control or even predict it, in fact it often rains during the summer months and is warm at other times of the year.

With the Peak District being an outdoor national park, there is nothing you can do about the weather. Just make sure you have the right gear for all forecasts and you will be fine.

Christine complains about the Fog, yes it will spoil your views and potentially make it more difficult to hike and navigate, but leaving it as a 1 star review seem a bit harsh.

“Wet cold and miserable” – well depending when the reviewer actually visited the hills this could be the expected weather.

A decent water proof coat will help make that more enjoyable (or at least keep you warm and dry).

Positive comments but negative stars?

Some reviews just don’t make sense, leave positive comments but then low scores, I am not sure if they understand that 1 star is negative and 5 is positive or they made a mistake but there are a few of them.

All for me

Others just want to keep the Peak District all for themselves and they hope by leaving a negative review it will stop others from visiting.

Like I said in the intro, there has been over 25,000 reviews and the vast majority positive. You would have to leave at 25,000 negative reviews – which seems like a lot of work, I think I would rather just been out enjoying the countryside than spending all day online trying to stop others from attending.

Whether you see the funny side of these reviews and want to read more, or leave your own review you can here.

I would highly recommend visiting the Peaks if you get the chance.

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