Are you and your family avid campers? If you love going out for days or weeks at a time, you likely have a large, fancy setup.

While this kind of equipment can get you through a long trip, it can be inconvenient for weekend outings. You and your crew should have something smaller and more convenient for short-lived trips.

That’s where the Outwell Earth 5 comes into play. This 5-man tent is easy to pitch and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. You can take it with you to unfamiliar campgrounds and not have to worry about making room to set it up.

When you take this family tent with you, you will have more room for your other camping gear in your truck or minivan.

Want to escape your everyday life for a couple of days? The Outwell Earth 5 is just what you need for your quick weekend getaway.

As a testimony to its quality, the Outwell Earth 5 won the “Best Value Tent” award from Camping Magazine in 2015. And, this 5-man structure won’t break the bank. You can find it at a great price, usually for around a couple hundred dollars.

Not sure if this product is right for you and your family? Below, you can read our Outwell Earth 5 tent review, where we will discuss its specifications & data, features, care instructions, and pros & cons.

Let’s dive into this informative tent review!

Outwell Earth 5 Tent Specifications

No tent review would be complete without some data. Check out essential stats on the Outwell Earth 5 below:

  • Colours: Blue and grey
  • Hydrostatic head (water resistance): 3,000 mm
  • Weight:2 kg
  • Capacity: 5-man tent
  • Groundsheet type: Detachable bathtub
  • Floor material: Double-coated 100% polyethylene (waterproof)
  • Maximum standing height: 185 cm
  • Tent pole material: Duratec fibreglass
  • Tent poles’ thickness:5-11 mm
  • Material of inner part: Breathable 100% polyester
  • Flysheet: 100% polyester Outtex 3000 Select

Outwell Earth 5 Tent Features

Now that you have the run-down on this structure’s data, you may be curious about the specific features that the Outwell Earth 5 brings to the table.

Our tent review is here to educate you! Keep reading to learn more about this product’s main attributes:

Tunnel Design

For valid reasons, the tunnel design is very popular for use with family tents.  Tents with this design are simple to pitch. All you have to do is insert each tent pole into the corresponding sleeve. The tent poles arch to make a strong, sturdy structure. This arch also creates sufficient headroom for taller individuals.

Multiple Doors

This structure has multiple entry points for your convenience. There’s both a front and side door, so you can easily make your way in and out. There’s also one D-shaped door on the inner part for easy access to the sleeping area.

Tinted Windows

If your crew likes to frequent popular camping grounds, privacy might become an issue. The Outwell Earth 5 tent comes with tinted windows that will conceal you from your neighboring campers. The windows aren’t too dark, so you can still enjoy the breathtaking view around you.

Mesh Pockets

On the inner portion of the Outwell Earth 5, you will find mesh pockets. Here, you can store small items like your mobile devices. You can still check your email address while on your trip and never miss important work emails. But, you can also keep your phone out of sight when you don’t need it and enjoy your trip.

Pre-Attached Guylines

No matter how precise your pitching process is, guylines are essential for supporting your structure where the tent poles cannot. To save you some trouble, the Outwell Earth 5 tent comes with pre-attached guylines. All you’ll have to do is secure these items to the ground one by one. There’s no need to attach each one to the structure itself.

Detachable Bathtub Groundsheet

We needed to mention the detachable bathtub groundsheet in our Outwell Earth 5 review. You can attach this complementary feature right in the structure’s living area. With its rounded edges, this convenient feature offers further protection from dew and groundwater. If you don’t want this item for your current circumstances, you can easily take it out of the tunnel tent and put it in your vehicle.

Heavy-Duty Outwell Zippers

After a long day of exploring, you will likely be exhausted and ready to hit the hay in your 5-man tent. You can avoid the frustration of stuck zippers by investing in the Outwell Earth 5. This family tent comes with heavy-duty zippers produced by Outwell. The zippers are easy to open and close, and they stay secure when not in use. Anyone can easily zip and unzip the structure to come and go as they please.

Reinforcement Patches

Collapsed tents can put a real damper on any outdoor trip. Avoid any crashes by taking the Outwell Earth 5 on your next camping excursion. This 5-man tent comes with a reinforcement patch for all the stress points. Customers can sleep peacefully knowing their tents won’t topple over.

Fully Seam-Sealed Flysheet

Oftentimes, tents alone won’t protect a group from the elements. A flysheet is essential to provide shelter from wind and rain. The Outwell Earth 5 tent comes with a fully seam-sealed flysheet for optimal protection from bad weather. This feature is a great addition for no additional price.

Pitching Instructions for the Outwell Earth 5-Person Tent

The Outwell Earth 5-person tent will require two people to pitch. Review these instructions before you and a partner try to put it up:

  1. Start by placing the poles, one at a time, through the corresponding tent sleeves.
  2. Secure the poles to the hooks on the bottom of the tent.
  3. Bend each pole upwards to create arches.
  4. Insert the stakes into the ground.
  5. Finish the job by inserting the guylines into the ground.
  6. For disassembly, reverse everything until all the tent material is lying on the ground.
  7. Fold the tent back up carefully so that it fits into the carrying bag without tearing.

How Long Will the Assembly Take?

Assembly should take no longer than 20 minutes. Once you have put this tent up a few time, you will be able to do it in about half the time.

Setting up the Outwell Earth 5 is pretty simple, but always come back to review these instructions if you’re ever unsure.

We always recommend you putting your tent in your back garden before you go camping if possible. Several reasons, firstly to check everything is there (very rare it happens), but also to make sure you can put it up.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

The Outwell Earth 5 is a well-built tent manufactured by a reputable company.

It’s available at a great price and is guaranteed to last through many camping trips.

It’s one perfect structure to add to your collection of tents.

You can prolong its life by taking care of it properly. Review a couple of maintenance and care tips to try:

Set Up Your Outwell Earth 5 Tent Properly

When you’re setting up your tent, avoid positioning it underneath trees. Place it in an open location to protect it from falling debris.

Be Careful with the Guylines

Don’t secure the guylines too tightly, and use storm pegs when necessary.

Don't Spray Insecticides Inside

While it may be tempting to spray your temporary residence with insecticides to keep bugs away, avoid doing so. Products like these can damage the Outwell Earth 5’s fabric.

Dry Your Tent Before Stowing It Away

A wet tent is a recipe for mold. Before you take the structure down and fold it up, dry the inside and outside of it.

Fold It Properly

Once all the parts of your Outwell Earth 5 are dry, fold the structure with all the metal rings and pins located on one side. This strategy will prevent holes from forming in the flysheet.

Is Outwell a Good Brand?

From our experience, Outwell is an excellent brand. It primarily makes products for family camping, so safety and quality are always present.

Without sacrificing value, you can find products at various price points that fit into your family’s budget.

I personally have two outwell tents and trust them when we go away as a family.

The Pros & Cons of the Outwell Earth 5

Looking for a quick Outwell Earth 5 tent review? Below, you can check out a summary of the pros and cons of this essential camping product:


  • Provides sufficient room for five people
  • Offers sufficient interior light for reading or playing card games during the daytime
  • Is well-ventilated for safety and comfort
  • Available for sale at a can’t-beat price
  • Comes with a tent carrying bag with straps for easy transport
  • All tent materials are fire retardant and meet the most current industry standards
  • Features tinted windows that offer privacy and sun protection, which is a great perk given the product’s price


  • Not suitable for more than five people
  • Some water may drip through the side door during rainstorms when using the door, but this only occurs in very inclement weather

Outwell Earth 5 Tent Review: The Ideal Tunnel Tent

Based on our experience and the online comments and reviews we’ve read, the Outwell Earth 5 tent is a great purchase. It’s the perfect 5-person tent to take with you on your family’s next outing. Two or three people can also use this tent and enjoy the extra sleeping room. It’s available at a much better price than other similar tents and doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Hopefully, our Outwell Earth 5 tent review has helped you determine if this product is right for you!

Past customers have greatly benefited from it, and your small camping clan can too. Visit Outwell’s website today to view its stock!

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