My name is Andy and after graduating University in 2009 I started building this website, over the years since this site has been updated many times – the idea of why I started the site has stayed the same.

To encourage people to go camping and find new sites and make new friends.

Where you want to know the best campsites to visit or wanting some advice on new gear Camping Sites in Britain is your go to resource. 

The site has grown from just me to a whole team of people to be able to bring you the latest camping news, find your ideal campsite and much more.

Camping Sites in Britain offers comprehensive and informed articles, analysis or reviews from the world of travel and camping.

Our team of passionate journalists cooperate with businesses, researchers and PR’s of different tech companies to deliver quality content every day. They also like to cover fun content and all the nerdy topics, including details about new camping gadgets. Our skilled editors make sure all the articles are always fresh and informative.

About Me

I was born in 1987 and grew up in Doncaster, in Yorkshire.

My family wasn’t much of a camping family – the only time I can remember camping in a tent was in Scotland, when me and my Dad camped in my Aunties back garden with the first my family inside. My dad even managed to pull the zip on the bag when packing away and put a nice line of holes down the fly sheet.

Don’t get me wrong, my dad knew how to camp, he was in the military for a good few years and travelled the world.

Site's Missions

The main mission is to serve as an additional source of credible information for campsite owners and guest alike.

I want this to be an avenue where prospective campers can learn more about a particular site and read about other guest’s feedback as well.

If you’re planning your next camping trip and are looking for a quick and easy way to browse through the different campsites all across the UK, please read through some of our articles and learn about what each one has to offer.

You can even leave your own review on any campsite you’ve previously stayed at and help your fellow campers out.

It wasn’t till I joined cubs (part of the scouting movement) that I fell in love with camping. 

I had done Beavers, but qui, it wasnt what it is now – we didnt camp, we didnt really do alot but I was convinced to go back to cubs and so glad i did. 

I was in the cubs, scouts and Explorers and it gave me basic knowledge and some advance skills on hiking and camping. 

Skills like fire light, cooking on fires, putting up tents, navigation etc.

We had some amazing Scout leaders and must have camped about 10 times a year from short weekend break to week breaks across the country.

It was there I heard about a group called YSES (Yorkshrie School Exploring Society) and I was lucky enough to chosen to go to Kenya in 2004.

Retail Career

After getting back from Kenya I took a job in Millets and this took my knowledge and skills to a whole new level. I then left to go to Unversity in Manchester so worked in the two Millets stores and the one Blacks store in the city. After graduating I went back to working in Millets in my home town.

I worked there on and off throughout University and when I graduated till a store I was working in closed down and I was made redundant. 

That is when I launched this site.

Camping Sites in Britain

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