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We are a bunch of outdoor loving people who just love to camp and explore Britain and what it has to offer.

The Partners

Andy Halliday


I created the first version of this site back in 2009 so over 12 years ago. My passion is camping and exploring England, Britain and further afield.

Sophie Bray


Based in Liverpool, Sophie Bray is the Senior Editor at Camping Sites in Britain. Previously she has worked for The Huffington Post. Sophie is a graduate of English Literature at the University of Manchester.

Luke Simmons

Senior Developer
I make this website work!!!

Originally from Hull, Luke Simmons is the Senior Developer here at Camping Sites in Britain. Responsible for taking Andy’s vision for the site and bringing it to life. 

More of the Team

Samantha Talbot

Gear Reviewer
If I'm not in the office writing, I'm usually at a campsite testing out something new.

I have the job any outdoor camping fan would love, I get to try out all the near gear to find out what it’s like. Ive loved the outdoors ever since I was a small child and my parents would take me away all the time for short camping breaks. Most of my childhood memories are of waking up in a tent in a different part of the country. 

Kayleigh Sullivan


The newest member of. the team to join in September 2021, Kayleigh joined the team to grow our news section and to keep you up to date with more of the info you need to know. As a contributor to Camping Sites in Britain, Kayleigh covers news and trending technology related stories. If she isn’t writing for us she can often be found camping usually in the Lake District. 

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