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Top Axes for Camping

Camping axes are an extremely useful, and some would say necessary tool to pack for your camping trip.

They make excellent utensils for an array of different cutting and chopping needs that may arise.

Not only do camping axes look cool and act as a good conversation starter with your fellow campers, but they are also very handy to have around especially if you plan attempt wood collection for a fire.

Axes allow us to trim down the wood into neat and tidy pieces to enable the creation of a perfect campfire.

Here are some of the top axes recommended for camping trips based on their quality, portability and efficiency.

Best Axes to take Camping​

An axe is a great piece of camping equipment allowing you to chop up wood to keep your firing going.
Best Choice
Draper Hand Axe
Draper Hand Axe​
Best Value
Challenge Garden Axe
Challenge Garden Axe​
Fiskars Splitting Axe
Fiskars Splitting Axe​

Best Choice

Draper Hand Axe

Draper Hand Axe

Great axe perfect for splitting kindling.
  • Light weight but well balance
  • Small Sheath

Key Features

  • Suitable for small logs
  • Anatomical comfortable


  • Product Dimensions
    36 x 14 x 3.5 cm ; 785 g
  • Part number

This is a reliable and small axe that has some weight behind it, showing the quality and power that is crafted within.

It is suitable for tasks such as splitting wood and removing branches from trees to create small firewood.  Because of the weight behind it, it gives a good and accurate swing and with the rubber grip that is well bonded to the shaft, your hands will be protected for a long time to come.

The sheath also gives the option of attaching the axe to a belt or harness and it does come with a head sleeve, so it can be easily and safely moved from one place to another.

Best Value

Challenge Garden Axe

Challenge Garden Axe

A great intro axe

Key Features

  • Perfect for chopping small items
  • Comfortable for extended use


  • Polypropylene handle.
    380 – 400cm.
  • Lightweight, strong and comfortable to use.
  • Size H2.5, W13, D39cm.
  • Weight 0.9kg.
  • Manufacturer’s 5 year guarantee.

Even though this is marketed as an axe suitable for gardening, this particular axe has the perfect features to make it a great camping axe.

The shaft is made of meaning it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use for longer periods.

The fact that it is lightweight means that it is portable, even on the longest of camping and hiking trips.

The specially designed soft handle has a forward tilting design to help improve grip and add to the ease of use.

Strong and comfortable to use, this is an axe that not only performs excellently at home and in the garden, but is just as reliable as a trusty tool on camping excursions.

Premium Pick

Fiskars Splitting Axe

Fiskars Splitting Axe

One of the most popular camping cookers
  • Very well made
  • well balanced
  • Not the cheapest

Key Features

  • Very well made
  • very effective for chopping both
    newly sawn logs and logs that
    have sat outside for a year
  • Easy to use


  • Product Dimensions
    76 x 21 x 3.8 cm ; 1.58 Kg
  • Part number
  • Item display height
    70.9 centimetres
  • Item display length
    3.6 centimetres
  • Item display width
    16.5 centimetres
  • Item display weight
    1.58 Kilograms
  • Material type

Fiskars have developed a small range of axes varying in sizes to suit different needs.

The X11 size measures approximately 44cm in length and the X27 reaches 96cm.

It is needless to say that the X11 will suit the majority of campers and will happily cut small logs and branches of up to 20cm in diameter.

Born out of the Finnish iron industry, Fiskars originated in 1649, making it one of the oldest western businesses on the market, and the quality of the axes shows this.

Developed over hundreds of years this company appears to have nailed the perfect axe and takes into consideration campers that are looking for a smaller more portable one.

Pick the right size Axe for you

Other Top Axes Options

We tested quite a few axes and these two didn’t quite make the grade to be included above, but we really did like them.

Spear & Jackson Small Splitting Axe

Spear & Jackson Small Splitting Axe

The perfect axe for splitting wood that has already been chopped, holding this axe is almost effortless thanks to the strong but hollow handles that are made up of 30 % fibre and 70 % nylon mix.

It has a non-slip handle that allows for quality comfort and the handle moulding even extends of and around the head of the axe so that the head is completely attached to the handle.

The carbon steel head creates the strength and durability that this small axe has to offer and it comes with a useful blade guard for safety.

Fiskars Camping Axe XXS X5

Fiskars Camping Axe XXS X5

Like the splitting axe mentioned above, the camping axe is yet another Fiskars product that is built with precision and quality.  It is small and relatively light, versatile axe that has a razor sharp head, even after a lot of use.  It is ideal for campers because of the plastic cover which makes it safe and easy to transport and carry.  There is no grip cover on the handle, but the handle is made from plastic which is comfortable and safe to hold.  Although it is quite light, thanks to the plastic handle, it is a very well-balanced axe, so can make an easy job of producing kindling and small wood pieces for camp fires.

To sum up:

There are numerous options on the market for camping axes and it is not surprising as one camper may have different needs to another.

The Fiskars Splitting Axe X27 may be suited to a camper that has the resources to carry such a size axe, for example, if the camping excursion is has a vehicle for transporting resources.

Before purchasing a camping axe or hatchet, be sure to consider your needs and preferences, as well as resources.

One axe may suit one camper, but will be totally unsuitable for another!

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