The Best Sleeping Bags

Keep warm while you sleep
Two Season Sleeping Bags
EUROHIKE Snooze 200 Sleeping Bag
Eurohike Snooze 200

Other retailers available, see review for list of stockists.

Three Season Sleeping Bags
Berghaus Transition 300

Other retailers available, see review for list of stockists.

Children's Sleeping Bags
EUROHIKE Adventurer Youth Sleeping Bag
Eurohike Adventure Youth 200

Other retailers available, see review for list of stockists.

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The Best Sleeping Bags 

The best part of your camping trips shouldn’t be snoozing the night away – but you certainly won’t enjoy the highlights without a good night’s rest. Which is why choosing the right sleeping bag can be the most crucial thing to consider. Luckily, we’ve saved you from that daunting task and listed the best value for money offerings of 2020 below.

In fact, for each rating we have the winner and second best, mainly because usually it was very close and thought was unfair. We tested a lot of bags and will keep testing, if a new one is found which beats the current winners they will be swapped out.

How We Chose

Season Rating

This is important, you wouldn’t want to use a 4 season sleeping back during the hight of summer, like wise you wouldn’t take a 1 season back during the winter months, thats why we grouped them by season. 

Weight and Size

This isn’t always a huge factor, especially if your going to the camp site via car, the weight and size isn’t always an issue, but if your trekking and backpacking pack size and weight is key.

Warmth check

We actually tested each sleeping bag to see if they kept within their warmth range.

I learnt a long time ago during my sales career that the extreme temperatures should be ignored and thats what we do. The extreme temperatures are tested on military personal, who naturally are used to being cold. 

Best 2 Season Sleeping Bag

It can be tricky mastering mid-season weather, as warm days are subject to temperature drops at night. However, it’s in the bag with these brilliant options.

Two Season Sleeping Bags

EUROHIKE Snooze 200 Sleeping Bag

Eurohike Snooze 200

A great sounding waterproof speaker that's easy to take on the go.

With extra foot room and super-soft lining, who’d have thought you could have it so good for under a tenner.

The lightweight design is highly effective for the price, but you may need an extra blanket on particularly cold nights.

Why we chose it

This bedtime buddy shows us the meaning of value for money, providing exceptional comfort at a minimal cost.

Runner up:

The Yellowstone Essential Mummy Sleeping Bag

Sojourns in the spring and summer are what this is made for, providing comfort and a close fit.

  • Good Points: Currently available at exceptional value for money and extra lightweight for easy carriage.
  • Bad Points: It hasn’t much legroom, but at just over a tenner you might want to overlook that.

Best 3 Season Sleeping Bag

Say goodbye to unwanted drafts with a 3 season sleeping bag, which ensures warmth at most times of the year. They’re ideal for participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Best Three Season Sleeping Bag

Berghaus Transition 300

A loud and durable speaker for those who need to cover more space.

The brushed polyester lining is so soft, you’ll never want to get out. The inner security pocket for your mobile means you wont have to.


What if you never get out? Seriously, you might spend the whole holiday having lie-ins.

Why we chose it

Sweet dreams are a sure thing with this at the ready. The exclusive design makes your comfort it’s priority.

Runner Up

The KingCamp Treck 300 3-4 Season

Give the tent or caravan a bright boost, as this lightweight design comes in a whole host of colours. Buy two and zip them together for even more versatility!

  • Good Points: Water resistant, a ripstop shell and double-layered for soft comfort, it’s as practical as it is cheerful.
  • Bad Points: Not fully waterproof and rather lightweight for intensive weathering.

Best Kids Sleeping Bag

Introducing little ones to camping is hopefully the start of many memories made in the great outdoors. Part of ensuring the first experience is a good one is a comfy night’s sleep under the stars – here are our best picks to provide it.

Children’s Sleeping Bag

EUROHIKE Adventurer Youth Sleeping Bag

Eurohike Adventure Youth 200

A loud and durable speaker for those who need to cover more space.

The hollow fibre synthetic insulation and mummy-shaped design will definitely keep them cosy, right down to their toes.


The focus is on warmth but if they’re prone to fidgeting in sleep or headed somewhere hot, try something else.


Why we chose it

Adventurous youths will be snug as a bug being hugged in this one. And isn’t red their favourite colour?

Runner Up

The Vango Atlas Junior Sleeping Bag

When tucking them in on family holidays or waving them off on a school trip, you won’t have to worry if they’re keeping warm enough with this soft 8.5 TOG sleeping bag.

  • Good Points: We can’t help but point out the price as it’s a real steal, you won’t even mind them outgrowing it. You can still get wonderful warmth for less, with it’s mummy shape, single hole hollow fibre insulation and elasticated hood.
  • Bad Points: This practical pick is not much to look at, but at least they can take their pick of the two muted shades on offer.

Best 1 Season Sleeping Bag

If you’re heading on an adventure in hotter climates or in the UK summer arrives (shocking we know, but Britain does swap those rainy skies for rays of sunshine…eventually), you’ll be wanting something lightweight and compact to see you through the summer nights. Tell me more, you say?

The Snugpak Travelpak 1 Sleeping Bag

When trekking across fields to find the best spot at a festival or on long-term backpacking travels, you’ll be weighed down by enough gear without your sleeping bag adding to the load. Enter the Snugpak Travelpak 1, which couldn’t be easier to carry.

  • Good Points: It’s ultra compact and highly compressible, meaning no need to call on your inner wrestling champion while getting it back in the bag. Plus specialist fabric works to keep it feeling fresher for longer – you’ll be thankful by sweaty day 7.
  • Bad Points: If you like a bit of kicking room, you might find this a little too compact for comfort – although the low price may get you to rethink.

The Eurohike Adventurer 200C Sleeping Bag

Durable and well made, this will deliver you to dreamland time and time again.

  • Good Points: It manages to be both roomy and contoured to the body – the perfect balance to help you relax in warmth.
  • Bad Points: It’s designed for warmer nights so don’t pack it for the family’s winter walking trip.

Best 4 Season Sleeping Bag

These see you through the serious expeditions, so if subzero temperatures won’t stop you travelling then invest in a 4 season sleeping bag.

The Robens Couloir 1000 Sleeping Bag

 Filled with hydrophobic duck down and specially shaped to contour to your body, this bag means business when it comes to staying snug.

  • Good Points: This is the gold standard for withstanding any season, possessed of insulation that retains heat even in extreme weather.
  • Bad Points: The price is definitely steep, but it’s a seriously smart investment you’ll rely on time and time again. Casual campers need not apply.

The Andes Blue 4 Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag

 Designed to help you maintain a comfortable temperature at any time of year, this is a budget-friendly favourite for the nature lovers among us.

  • Good Points: Hollow fibre filling protects you well from the chills for such a reasonable price, plus the internal storage pocket will keep your valuables safe.
  • Bad Points: It might not withstand the cold as well as more expensive versions, although you can expect it to be fully waterproof.

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