Camping Insurance. Is it needed?

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If it’s your first time going camping – wherever it is you may be going – you may well be tempted to take a few home essentials with you along the way.  There’s no harm in doing so – we actively recommend you take a mobile phone of some kind – and perhaps a solar-powered battery pack, too – but if you intend to take a fair amount of personal belongings or even money with you, it may be time to start considering how much protection you have in place just in case something happens along the way.  Tent insurance – therefore – is well worth looking into before you head away on a new journey or two.

Why Tent Insurance?

While you can easily source insurance for all kinds of camping trips and stay-overs, you will more often than not find cover for your accommodation and your equipment and possessions referred to as ‘tent insurance’ by a number of carriers.  Though the name suggests that it will only be your tent which is covered by such insurance, there’s actually plenty which this type of cover can help you with.  Otherwise known as ‘camping insurance’ with certain providers and carriers, this type of insurance cover will make sure that you can safely take not only your tent, but also a wide array of equipment and personal items with you on your journeys and trips.

What is Covered?

For one – and fairly obviously – your tent will be covered.  This means that if something happens to your tent, awnings, gazebos, pegs or associated equipment while you are away – and it’s not your fault – you may be able to claim back reasonable costs to replace them.  This means that acts of nature which damage your tent, acts of vandalism or theft, or even accidental damage – can all be covered by the right package and policy.  It makes sense to compare various coverage and carriers in the meantime, purely in the interest of making sure you have the best deal for you, your fellow campers and your possessions and equipment.

Speaking of equipment, that’s covered, too – largely.  Camping furniture, stoves, portable items, electrical generators, bedding, inflatables, security devices – providing you purchase a policy which covers your specific trip for your specific time away at the location you choose, you’ll find yourself catered to.  Having insurance of this kind is an absolute boon as it will mean that – even if the worst occurs – you can call your chosen carrier and can opt to pay an excess to get full coverage on any items or camping paraphernalia you may have lost.  Whether you are a victim of crime, and accident or an act of nature, this type of insurance will ensure that you have some way of bouncing back.

Couple sitting in a tent. Camping near the rocks

Are Valuables Covered?

Yes – to an extent – and this again will depend upon the carrier you are entering into agreement with, and the policy you are taking out.  Do make sure you check your policy wording.  Many policies of this kind – tent insurance and camping insurance alike – will allow you to claim back on personal effects and items you take with you for the duration of your trip.  That’s regardless of where you keep them, too – but do read the wording.  This type of insurance is rather similar to travel insurance, in that you can claim back for loss of any valuables or equipment due to theft, accidental damage or loss.

What to Do With Valuables

Many insurance policies of this nature will expect you to be very careful with the items you do take with you at all times.  This means being extra sensitive of cash money, electrical items, clothing and more besides.  The best thing you can do with valuables on any camping trip is not to leave things to chance – make sure you take your most important items and valuables with you and be sure to keep a close eye on them at all times.  If you can’t take everything with you at all times, make sure you have security in place to ensure that any valuables you leave behind cannot be stolen or intercepted.  One of the safest options to take, if you have made the journey to your camp site by car, is to leave valuables in your vehicle – i.e. under lock and key – until you need them.

Shop Around

Tent and camping insurance is varied – do make sure you compare carriers before choosing a policy outright!.

As I personally don’t know all your needs and requirements i would suggest to get at least 2 or 3 quotes from the providers below and get the deal which suits you.

You can take the risk and not take any insurance – this is a personal opinion to whether its needed, but with equipment becoming more and more expensive it just peace of mind.

Some insurance also covers weather damage.

The Providers

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