Camping Britons reporting shocking behaviour – ‘someone poked a hole through the tent’

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CAMPING is a very popular holiday option, but Britons are reporting some issues with fellow campers’ behaviours.

Holidaying Britons have embraced camping. Sleeping under canvas has become one of the most popular holiday options for countless Britons, and with popularity comes some issues.

On social media, Britons are sharing some of the issues they’ve had with fellow campers.

Paul Liddle asked: “Have any of you had visits from undesirables while camping? Gangs of them disturbing your camp etc? Tossing debris from the darkness onto your tent?”

It seemed Paul had had a bad experience that stopped him from feeling comfortable going camping.

He said: “It was a wild camp, happened a while back but it’s wrecked my wanting to wild camp. Stick to resort sites now, but I miss just up and off to a wood, lake etc.”

Holidaying Britons have embraced camping (Image: GETTY)

He also explained: “This happened in what I thought was the middle of nowhere.

“Never had issues at site before.”

And while it seemed to have been a “one-off”, it was bad enough for Paul “me to pack it in”.

Fellow campers came to the rescue with some ideas.

Pete Lewis said: “Buy a big dog and get out there.”

While Elle Smith wrote: “Maybe have company the next couple trips? Or go to a campsite that has a wild camping area.”

Unfortunately, Paul was not the only camper to have had a recent bad experience.

Maude De Baros said: “I’m a newbie warden and on speaking to the others on a forum, it was widely reported that this season saw some of the worst behaviour ever.

On social media, Britons are sharing some of the issues they’ve had with fellow campers (Image: GETTY)

“I still worked till 3am on the weekends dealing with it. And our first ever bad reviews were about the behaviour.”

Ruth Turner blamed new campers for the problems.

She said: “Loads of people who usually go abroad couldn’t so have been camping instead, so more bad behaviour. That’s not to say that everyone who camped instead have been bad.”

And Jean Heath has been put off by behaviour too: “It’s put me off going with grandkids again for sure.

“I used to love Shell island now turned into a party island with lots of issues around noise at stupid o clock dogs not on leads and smoking weed that wafts in the breeze.

“Seems no one has respect for others just a ‘self self self’ attitude. They do what they want.”

Louise Stainton also reported some shocking behaviour: “I had Ribena poured over my tent on a quiet site in Cumbria, while I was out. Did report it but nobody saw it.”

Melissa Pugh said: “We had someone poke a hole through the tent and sleeping pod this summer.”

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