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Easy Camp Energy 200 Review

Are you looking for a tent perfect for big and small adventures? If the answer is yes, and you live in the United Kingdom, we recommend the Easy Camp Energy 200 tent.

Features and Functions

Several great features make this our first choice for campers.

The tunnel sleeps two people, maintaining a large amount of internal space whilst trimming the tent weight. It comes with a lightweight 180t polyester PU coated flysheet for added protection against the elements.

With easy delivery and a rear ventilation sleep tight inner system, it will keep you and your items warm all night without getting stuffy. There’s no wonder there are so many orders for this tent.


  • Safety: The polyester PU coated fire retardant flysheet ensures you can enjoy the Camp Energy 200 tent without worrying about your wellbeing.
  • Lightweight Travel: The tapered profile and lightweight poles mean that compared to some tent’s weight sleeping two people, the Easy Camp Energy 2000 is very light, trimming back the tent’s weight.
  • Waterproof: With the hydrostatic head, 2000 mm of rainwater can fall, and you will have full protection. Combined with the flysheet 180t polyester PU and polyester floor, it offers comfort and style whilst still keeping you, your devices, and other backpacking items dry and safe.
  • Porch Area: If you want morning and early evening lantern point lighting attached to tilted poles, there’s ample space in the porch. The product offers a fun design with sitting headroom for two people, much better than most tents and items we’ve seen.


  • Space: The sleep tight inner tent and tunnel design with porch means these tents only have room for two. However, a duo will have plenty of space whilst trimming back any unnecessary weight — perfect for lightweight travel and hiking.

Who Can Benefit from It?

  • First Time Campers: The Energy 200 is ideal if you’re new to camping and want an excellent product for your first experience. If you want more information on products and tents, it’s easy to find the email address.
  • Luxury Use: One of the best things about this tent is the ample sitting headroom. That pitches the Energy 200 to the top of the list of items if you want plenty of space. It makes the item number one on our list of premium orders.
  • Hikers: Although this review has focused on camping and sleeping, this product also offers easy storage — ideal for big journeys. Plenty of features also make it great for small adventures: organiser pocket space for your devices, convenient design with pitches, inner tent first attached to make it easier to set up… the list goes on.

Verdict — First Choice for Smart Campers

The Easy Camp Energy 200 is our first choice tent if you want high-quality items at a very reasonable price.

Not only will it keep you safe and dry during all of your adventures, but it’s also easy to store and set -up — perfect if you will be carrying it for long distances or you don’t have much experience setting up tents.

Overall this product is highly recommended no matter what your experience level is.

Where to Buy

There are a number of retailers which stock this tent giving you plenty of choice of where to buy from.

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