Day: October 20, 2019

8 Must-Haves for Camping

8 Must-Haves for Camping Even if you’re going camping for the first time, it’s likely you’ll already know of some of the more essential items and tools that you should be taking with you out into the wilderness.  Regardless of whether you are heading into woodland, up a mountain or into somewhere deeper and darker …

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Caravans; the seventh wonder of Brum

Caravans; the seventh wonder of Brum Birmingham is famous for many things; its vast multicultural population, its proud if underachieving football teams, the bustle of the Bullring, the magnificent library, the dulcet twang of the local accent, amazing curries and…..caravans.  Yup.  Apparently Birmingham has more caravan and motorhome owners per head of population than any …

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