Top Camping Accounts to Follow

With the invention of social media it has never been easier to find out the latest information, the current trends or the best places to stay.

However, some aren’t quite as good as the other’s so I wanted to share with you the best ones.

The accounts to follow which give you great information and tips and tricks.


I love twitter, especially for new information, plus I like how you can easily interact, follow hashtags to find new accounts and see everything which is posted.

  1. Vango – as well as making some great camping equipment they also have an awesome Twitter account you should be following.
  2. Terry Abraham – Terry works for the BBC, he takes some amazing photo’s and share some amazing stories. 
  3. Camping Sites – this is one of our channels, but we do like to post great camping tricks and tips regularly.
  4. Rambler Jan – If you want some inspiration on where to hike in the UK, then follow Jan – even though I spend a lot of times outdoors, even I get jealous seeing her updates.
  5. Picture Cumbria – Cumbria is an absolute stunning and breath taking part of our country, which makes this account brilliant to follow as it takes pictures and post them. Don’t blame me though if you do follow them and end up booking a few camping trips to the area.

Facebook Groups

I do love a Facebook group, I find them the best ways to meet new people, engage in brilliant discussions and to find great campsites. Some of my favourite sites I have visited has come from recommendations from random people in Facebook groups.

There are a lot of groups and I joined quite a few, some are more sales focused than others, some allow spam and some are just not that active.

  1. Wild Camping UK – Yes wild camping is illegal in most parts of England and Wales, but this group is amazing. A very active group of people who mostly want to help.
  2. Yorkshire Camping – Firstly anything to do with Yorkshire is just great, but they also do camping meet ups which is a great way to meet other campers.
  3. French Camping – Yes this site is all about camping in Britain, but sometimes you can go a little further a field. This has some brilliant tips and tricks for travelling and camping in France. Great for beginners as you feel like you can ask anything.
  4. The Camping Fire – The one great thing about this group is “Private Questions” whereby if there is something you want to ask, but too nervous and may feel daft you can message the admin and they will ask for you. 
  5. Scottish Hill Walking & Wild Camping – This is a great group to find out more about hiking and camping in Scotland.

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Instagram Pages

Who doesn’t love to look off pictures of campsites, nature, and wild animals. Instagram is the perfect place for this, what it lacks in two way communication it makes up for in visual images.

  1. Camping Sites – ok, a push for my own account, but I do think you should be following me.
  2. lydia jones – as well as great camping spots, the photography quality is 10 out of 10.
  3. Outdoor Survival Gear – an amazing page, while its a commercial page, it covers everything from tips, tricks and places to visit.
  4. Camping with Friends – this one is a hashtag rather than a page, but its great to see other peoples camping trips.
  5. Camping with Dogs – a great page for anyone who want’s to go camping with their dog.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are good, but Facebook keeps messing around with its algorithm (the thing which decide which content you see and don’t see) so great posts can often be missed in your feed. Not saying you shouldn’t follow these accounts, just you might miss some of the content.

  1. Millets – I didn’t want to specially list retailers as sometimes accounts can be too formal, but this one is different. 
  2. Camping Sites in Britain – Another plug for our own page
  3. Camping Memes – Who doesn’t love a camping meme. This page is full of them. Great to see a few memes in your Facebook feed everytime you log into Facebook
  4. Eurocamp – Again not camping in Britain related, but its a great page to follow.
  5. Wowo Campsite – I really didn’t want to include any specific campsite’s as I could have picked around 100 different pages.

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