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So traditionally in the UK, the start of the camping season is Easter weekend.

Yes, some sites are open all year, but the most campers see that this is the start of the season.

Well, this year it looks like we can’t go camping.

It is extremely unlikely that the government is going to relax all the rules in the next two weeks – especially as some are not sticking to them now – meaning we have no option to stay home.

So, we have decided instead -let’s do the UK’s biggest campout.

At home.

The same weekend as you’d usually begin camping – 10th till the 13th April –  let’s try camping in your own back garden.

I know some people don’t have gardens or big enough gardens to camp in. But you could still join in – could you fit a small tent in your house, maybe? Or even put up sheets around furniture to create a DIY indoor tent? So grab your tent and sleeping bag and head into the back garden.

If you’ve never camped before in your garden, you might want to check out the ultimate guide to camping in your garden for some handy tips and advice.

Joining the #bigcampout

While camping is free in your back garden, we ask that the money or some of the money you would have spent on fees you donate via our camping to say thank you to the NHS Staff that are doing an incredible job. Whether that is £5 or £50 it will all make a difference towards our target to raise £10,000.

We will create a Zoom Hangout the week before where people can log-in (via phone or laptop) to meet new people, share stories, show off their set up and get advice on how to camp out at home, etc.

Zoom Hangout times:


Friday 4-5pm

Friday 8-9pm

Saturday 11am:12

Saturday 5-6pm

Sunday: 1-2pm

Sunday 6-7pm

Monday 10am- 11pm:

Zoom Details

Zoom meeting.

Time: Apr 10, 2020 04:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 882 019 722
Password: 086529



We will be also using the hashtag #bigcampout on social media so you can stay in touch.


Alternatively, or as well, why not join the Facebook Group to get instant alerts and notifications or sign up to our emails while you are here and we can keep you up to date.


Let’s not stop this from doing the things we love the most



And that, for us, is camping.

In the week after our camp out, we will be doing a huge post sharing your stories from camping out in the back garden, or inside your home, so please do email us with your stories and we will use as many as we can.

Let’s all do what we love safely, in accordance with Government Regulations, and with the great camping spirit we all have in us.

Happy Camping

Stay Safe – Stay at home.

The big camp out
The big camp out
The big camp out

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