The Ultimate Guide to Camping in your back garden

I don’t want to make light of the current situation.

COVID-19 is a very serious issue and I want to personally thank all the NHS workers and other front line workers keeping this country safe. #StayInStaySafe

But, I also think that a smile can do wonders especially for mental health.

That is why I decided to create this post.

It’s a bit of light hearted way of looking at one small part of the situation. Please don’t think I am downplaying the significance of the situation – but let’s lighten the mood – even just for a moment.

So, without further ado – I present you with….

The Ultimate Guide To Camping In Your Back Garden.

This isn’t as in-depth as our guide to wild camping, but I hope you enjoy reading it regardless.

Where to camp:

For some, the options are more limited than others. For me I have a choice of two places to pitch.

Pitch 1, on the left-hand side, is much bigger and offers a lot more space.

Pitch 2, on the other hand, is more shaded and gives more room for outdoor games.

The owner charges for the same for either pitch so cost isn’t an issue. 😉

Personally, I prefer pitch 1 – it gets more sun on the pitch and will mean we have a warmer tent.

The owner’s wife  might make me pitch on number 2 though. 🙄

Note: I never argue with the owners. I might want to return here over the summer.

my back garden

Getting there

It’s very local and easy to get to. Actually, all my stuff is stored in the old coal shed, so it’s pretty easy to get the stuff to the pitch, whichever one I end up on.


It’s not as well stocked as some of the sites I have stayed at, but the facilities aren’t too bad.

The toilets and showers are spotless and there’s never a queue. Always hot water.

BBQs are permitted which is great. Unfortunately, camp fires are not (I don’t want to stretch the fire service!).

There are also good kid’s facilities. there is a trampoline, a football net and slide – it’s not the best quality, but it’s something to keep the kids entertained.

There is a TV room, but during the camp out, the plan is not to have this on. (I am prepared for sulking)

This particular site is a dry site. I gave up drinking last August, but many sites are well stocked up – no judgement here!

What to eat

This is the perfect site to try cooking something you have always wanted to make, but didn’t want to take the risk.

Worst-case scenario – the site comes with a fully functioning kitchenmaster who can take over and help – although you may be reminded of your failure for years to follow.

The other issue is some people seem to have gone mental and bought everything in the supermarkets, so it might be a case of Ready Steady Cook.

Here is a bag of stuff that I could get.

While fires aren’t recommended if you are having a BBQ, check out great foods to cook on a fire and try some of these.

I know my kids love a few of them.

Electric hook up

While the site does come with electric hook up facilities (extension cable from house) I am an old fashion camper and don’t usually camp with electric hook up and that’s not going to change.

I actually was planning on buying and reviewing one of these solar chargers this year, so might still do that.

Things to Visit

Unfortunately, due to the lock down, we can’t leave the house. So, we have to stay within our own property.

We might venture Le Living Room for a change of scenery or to Las Kitchen to stock up on essential supplies – but that’ll be about it.

The Owners:

The male owner is a very nice gentleman, makes breakfast in the morning for everyone and is really happy going.

His wife? Well, it depends how much her children have stressed her out (and sometimes her husband).

Normally a very pleasant and nice person but can be prone to switch if one of her three wonderful children play up.

Note: This is usually because of the boredom with not being able to leave the house.

Big Camp Out

We all know Easter is unofficially the start of the camping season and a lot of people will have been looking forward to a nice break this year.

Well that’s not going to happen. Not in the traditional way, anyway.

Instead, we want to do the biggest back garden camp out EVER.

Please join us and camp in your garden over that weekend.

Let me know on Twitter or Facebook about your site’s facilities and join us (from a safe distance) on #thebigcampout.

I am actually quite looking forward to this weekend home away. I hope you are too!

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